Electronics Skills Area

Looking to start your next electronics project, repair a broken piece of equipment, or looking to experiment?

HS Ipswich has an electronics work area, fitted with the following equipment for use:

  • Digitally controlled soldering station
    • Soldering iron with fume extractor
    • Hot air gun
    • 1┬░C variance of control
  • Additional basic electric soldering irons
  • Digital multimeters
  • Oscilloscope
  • Various consumables
    • Solder
    • Heat shrink
    • Spare wires
    • Resistors, capacitors, etc. (Stock can vary)
    • Other (Stock can very)

Usage of Resources

HS Ipswich asks that non-members help contribute towards any consumables they use, usually in the form of a gold coin to cover costs. If you need to use a larger quantity of consumables, talk with one of the members about a fair amount to cover costs.

HS Ipswich Governing & Non-Governing members get most consumables for free, unless the level of usage is deemed excessive.