3d Printing & Digital Fabrication

Looking at learning more about 3D printing, design and construction.

HS Ipswich has a few 3D printers operational, and has members more than happy to spend time explaining and demonstrating 3D printers and 3D design.

Currently HS Ipswich has the following equipment for use:

1. 1x 3D Printer

2. 2x PC’s for loading files for 3D printing to printers

3. Another 3D printer is coming online shortly

Usage of Resources

HS Ipswich asks that non-members help contribute towards any consumables they use, usually in the form of a gold coin donation to cover costs. If you need to use a larger quantity of consumables, talk with one of the members about a fair amount to cover costs.

HS Ipswich Governing & Non-Governing members get most consumables for free, unless the usage is deemed excessive.

Cause Leader



Robert, Casue Leader of IT&T, has taken on the role of interim Cause Leader for 3D Printing & Digital Fabrication. His experiences in the IT&T field have enabled Robert to quickly pick up the skills needed to provide advice and ideas to budding 3D printing enthusiasts.